For more than 20 years, Robert has been helping marketers tell their story more effectively through digital media.

Over the last five years, Robert has worked with more than 500 companies of all sizes, including 15 of the Fortune 100. He’s provided strategic marketing advice and counsel for global brands such as Capital One, Dell, Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UPS. Robert is currently the Chief Strategy Officer for The Content Advisory, the education and consulting group for The Content Marketing Institute.

Robert’s third book – Killing Marketing, with co-author Joe Pulizzi will be published by McGraw Hill in September of 2017. His second book – Experiences: The Seventh Era of Marketing is a top seller and has been called a “treatise, and a call to arms for marketers to lead business innovation in the 21st century.” His first book, Managing Content Marketing, spent two weeks as a top ten marketing book on and is generally considered to be the “owners manual” of the Content Marketing process.

Robert also co-hosts the three-year-old podcast PNR’s This Old Marketing, frequently a top 20 marketing podcast on iTunes, with more than a million downloads per year across 100 countries, and consistently one of the top rated marketing podcasts.

An early Internet pioneer, Robert has two decades of experience, and a track record of helping brands and businesses develop successful digital and content strategies. In the mid 1990’s, Robert developed some of the first Web strategies in the country for companies such as Mediamark Research (MRI) and CTAM (The Cable and Telecommunications Association) and the U.S. government – literally introducing many of these leading organizations to the Web.


Return On Audience

We’ve all seen the recent headlines: Content Marketing isn’t for everyone. Businesses Struggle with Digital Content. Content Marketing is more expensive or takes too long.  Well, the truth is – those headlines are mostly true. But they don’t have to be. Marketers can transform content marketing into something much clearer, and actually something that helps the company become more profitable.  Let’s reboot the whole notion of owned media, reset and peel back the covers of what’s actually going on with successful content marketing approaches in today’s digital enterprise. Let’s take a hard look at the actual business strategy of content marketing and how we might fix content marketing and get to real, demonstrable, and profitable value to our business.

The Wisdom Worker In The Digital Transformation

The pressure for digital transformation is in high gear – and our ability to manage content and data is at its core. Our effort to fully re-imagine our business as a digital enterprise is driving technological change into every corner of our business. Algorithms, data, automation and software are increasingly making decisions about not only how content is managed and displayed but how it’s being created. But the truly digitally transformed organization will employ one key, human-driven component – the wisdom worker. This “manager of meaning” will be what separates and differentiates a true content strategy from an algorithmic, data-driven mediocrity. So, who is this wisdom worker, the content practitioner of the next ten years? And, how do we become a content practitioner that brings meaning to the machine?

Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing

We are moving into a new era of marketing – one where the creation of value through story-driven experiences will be the focus.  Yes, the entire practice of marketing is changing – again. In this session, Robert will discuss the current transformation of the marketing department both inside and out. It’s evolving from a subservient department that creates content only to describe the value of a product or service – and into a department that knows how to create, manage and lead the creation of valuable experiences over the next decade.  We’ll talk through the new types of people, processes and technologies that are creating the marketing department of the 21st century.

Content Marketing: How To Start Your Content Marketing Mission

Any successful content marketing plan – starts with a codified, realistic and achievable strategy that is clear, powerful and will actually move the needle. Let’s take real, actionable first steps toward creating that for our business. In this 60-90 minute intensive session, we’ll walk through different types of strategies, how to start – where to identify the opportunities – and then actually walk through the steps needed to create that documented strategy that we can use to start our process. This session is for intermediate content marketers who understand what content marketing is but are looking to take the next actionable steps in their business.

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A Taste of RobertInspirational, and informative keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, who helps global organizations such as Ernst & Young, Capital One, Fedex, and Petco. He’s not here to tell you your story, he’s here to help you tell it better.
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Robert Rose live is amazing! He has deep marketing expertise wrapped in an incredibly effective delivery style that creates a transformative experience for attendees. I highly recommend booking him as a speaker. Five stars. -- Sandra Zoratti President of BMA
Robert's message of inspiration is backed by solidly practical guides, studies, tools and detailed experience. We immediately put some of his story mapping practices in place, and they have not only been embraced, but become a key component to our marketing planning processes. -- Kelly Levoyer Director, Marketing Editorial of SAS
Robert led a content marketing session for our team which was, by far and away, the best part of our 3 day conference. He was an amazing facilitator, bringing together insightful frameworks and exercises that taught us how to implement that content he was teaching. Our team still talks about the lessons we learned. -- Lana Khavinson Group Product Leader & Evangelist at LinkedIn

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