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Daniel Lemin is a digital reputation and online marketing veteran with deep agency and digital brand strategy experience. He was employee no. 400 at Google where he served on the global corporate marketing and communications team.

He is the author of Manipurated, an Amazon bestseller, that exposes the inner workings of online review sites. Daniel also serves as the head of consulting for Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert consulting group, where he provides digital marketing and customer experience counsel to global brands and organizations including the United Nations (Food & Agriculture Organization), Best Buy, Petco, BMC Software, Telogis and Pella Windows and Doors.

He worked with Procter & Gamble to establish a groundbreaking social media and social customer care initiative for Iams & Eukanuba. He’s been seen in the New York Times, USA Today and on Fox News, CBS Radio and many other news outlets, and has spoken at more than 50 conferences and events including, BlogPaws.



“MANIPURATED” is a lively, interactive presentation between 40-70 minutes in length and designed for business owners in language they can understand. It features rich video, real-world examples and practical steps for event attendees.

  • Address the key best practices to managing online reviews, including when/where/how to respond
  • Explore lesser-known tactics and messaging styles for responding to and managing online reviews
  • Build a ratings and reviews roadmap for your brand
  • Length: 45 to 60 minutes; Q & A available

Inside Out Marketing: How to Harness Employees As Brand Ambassadors

Perfect for B2B and B2C audiences alike, Inside Out Marketing explores the rationale for building and cultivating a robust employee social media program that takes companies from good to great. It showcases the business case for creating employee advocacy programs, addresses key considerations in building and managing a program and creates a sense of urgency for attendees to create these programs in their own companies.

This is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic areas of social media today and is one of the most important topics to include in a digital marketing conference agenda.

Generally, a 60-minute breakout seminar that slots into existing conference agendas seamlessly. It will be customized for your particular audience with examples from their industry.

K.I.S.S. Me Marketing: How Everyday Psychology Can Help You Engineer Better Influencer Marketing Programs

Trust and context: these are the two things that make influencers so valuable. They develop trust by sharing objective opinions with their communities, and the context of their small crowds makes them meaningful. But managing these programs isn’t easy. Who do you consider an influencer, and what should you ask them to do? “Just sharing stuff” isn’t the right answer. This session will explore how to create layers within your social influencer program and use simple everyday psychology to make it meaningful – to the influencer, to their community and ultimately, to your brand.

Fire Up Your Fans: The Daily Habit That Catapults Your Business

Based on his new book, Chatternomics (due out late 2017), Daniel reveals how the simple act of asking for customer feedback can truly transform your business and marketing efforts. You’ll learn: How consumers perceive and review businesses, Why the power of persuasion can fuel your reputation, When and where to seek customer feedback. This high energy talk will have you talking and thinking for weeks afterwards, and will change the way you think about marketing.

Recent Appearances

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  • Digimarcon (New York, Toronto and Santa Monica)

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