Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina is a co-founder of Orbit Media, an award-winning 38-person web design company in Chicago.

Over the last 16 years, Andy has provided web strategy and advice to more than a thousand businesses. As a favorite speaker at national conferences and as a writer for many of the biggest blogs, Andy has dedicated himself to the teaching of marketing.

Andy has written hundreds of articles on content strategy, search engine optimization, social media and Analytics.

  • Top-rated speaker at Content Marketing World and several other national marketing conferences
  • Forbes Top 10 Online Marketing Experts to Watch in 2015
  • Entrepreneur Magazine Top 50 Marketing Influencer in 2016
  • Mentor at 1871, the #1 incubator in the US
  • Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Loyola University

He is also the author of Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing, available everywhere.


Fortune and Glory: How to Make Friends, Rank High and Get Famous Online

You know who they are. They’re always getting quoted somewhere. They’re getting mentioned in the press and they’re ranking on page one of Google. How did they do it?

This session goes straight to the heart of online networking, which is the key to social mediaPR and search rankings. Andy will outline a step-by-step process for driving traffic directly (through press mentions and social media) and indirectly (through links and rankings).

You’ll learn:

  • How to use social media like a giant phone book
  • How to make influential people love you
  • How to automate the simple stuff so you can pay attention to the important stuff

Few marketers have the knowledge, patience and energy …but after attending this presentation, you’ll know the steps to take to establish online dominance, making your competitors wonder how did you do it?

Analytics For Content Marketers: Insights and Actions from 13 Reports

The majority of websites use Google Analytics. It’s ubiquitous. But are marketers using it properly? Not really. Many marketers are using it only for reporting, not analysis.

Most marketers are using Analytics wrong.

In this lesson, we’ll look at specific ways to use Analytics to do real analysis, to answer questions and draw conclusions.

  • Reporting vs. Analysis: How most marketers get Analytics wrong
  • Turning marketing ideas into questions, finding answers the measuring outcomes
  • Analytics Insights

The truth waiting to be discovered in your Analytics. You just need to know where it’s hiding.

Once you’ve completely this lesson, you’ll have a new mindset for approaching your data and new tools for making the decisions that make the difference in your marketing.

Neuromarketing and Content Marketing: How to Connect Directly To Visitors Brains

Call it neuromarketing. Call it behavioral economics. Call it Jedi mind tricks. Whatever you call it: brain science and marketing go together. And anyone can learn how to do it.

In this presentation, we’ll review the research, case studies and web marketing tactics that work with natural, human behavioral tendencies.

  • Herds, halos and the science of social proof

  • Context, contrast and color

  • Fear, loss and scarcity

  • Eye tracking, color and visual prominence

  • Writing copy for busy minds

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