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We Help People Accelerate Their Influence & Monetize Their Talent

Influencers Management Group (IMG) helps thought leaders increase revenue and decrease stress by positioning, promoting and monetizing their talent. Think of us as your agent, brand manager, publicist and personal cheerleader rolled into one.

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Partner with IMG

With more than 10 years working in the social media, content marketing and digital media arena, Influencers Management Group (IMG) understands who you are and what you do.

We help thought leaders, speakers and authors create brands that inspire, teach and motivate.

We help increase awareness, influence and adoption.

We work with you to develop new revenue streams that spring from your life experience and thought leadership.

Who Are Our Speakers

Our speakers have a steady flow of live and digital event opportunities coming into them and typically book at least 20-25 events annually at a rate of more than $5,000 per event. On average, they have been speaking for at least 3-5 years, have an established brand in their industry or field and are top rated at events in which they speak.

What We Do For You

  • We start with an in-depth analysis of your speaker business goals. We take the time to learn about you, your passions, programs, talents, values, role models, competitors, as well as analyze your speaker branding and marketing assets you have today.
  • We vet all incoming event, keynote and workshop opportunities and negotiate the best package on your behalf. Overnight this tedious, not always fun and time sucking task is effortlessly lifted off your day-to-day plate.
  • We manage all of your incoming event opportunities on an on-going basis. We can be embedded as your event management contact on your website or you can add us to your contact form so every lead you receive we receive and we reach out typically within an hour.
  • We provide conference and event planners all of your event marketing assets, such as program titles, descriptions, and takeaways, head shots, bios, event introductions, etc. and answer all of their questions
  • We determine which of your presentations fit best with event and conference planners event and audience goals
  • We strategize and work with event planners to outline and shape your event or workshop and save¬†you time
  • We negotiate and complete speaker agreement with event and conference planners
  • We send you a “to do” list of all logistics your team has to complete before, during and after each event

Additional Benefits Partnering With Us

  • People who are represented and have another individual negotiate on their behalf command higher speaking fees
  • Work with a partner who has 10+ years of digital marketing experience to have intelligent and strategic conversations around your programs
  • Be connected with event planners looking for marketing and business speaking professionals
  • Have your personalized profile featured on the IMG website
  • Be featured regularly in IMG social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Contribute your thought leadership content on IMG’s blog to increase your exposure and brand positioning

Our Services

Speaker Branding & Marketing Audit

Through our speaker branding and marketing audit we assess all of your current materials you’re leveraging to promote your brand when you work with event planners.

We review:

  • Long, short and event intro bios
  • Headshots
  • Presentation titles, summaries and takeaways
  • YouDeck
  • Social media profiles
  • Testimonials
  • Speaker website and event planner package
  • Speaker contract
  • Communication process with event planners and inbound marketing
  • Your owned content: blog, newsletter, guest media, podcast, editorial calendar, etc.
  • Brand messaging, graphics, quality and positioning
  • Your¬†online store and product promotion strategies
  • Your competitors and like-minded brands

Speaker, Author and Influencer Business Development

  • Business development & contract agreement negotiation
  • Contract development, speaker fee & payment structure

    Lisa Loeffler, Influencers Management Group Founder
    Lisa Loeffler, Influencers Management Group Founder
  • Event targeting strategy & development
  • Preconference planning & management
  • Bureau and event planner relationship management
  • CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) application management

Professional Speaker Program Strategy

  • Personal Branding Audit & Strategy
  • Professional speaker biography & event introduction development
  • Session and speech ideation and development including topics, summaries, and key takeaways
  • YouDeck strategy, messaging development and graphic design (sample here)
  • Sizzle reel strategy, messaging development & production
  • Event influencer checklist and best practices guide

Thought Leadership & Influencer Marketing

  • Thought leadership strategy and channel, event, and platform recommendations
  • Paid product and services audits and strategy, including websites, blogs, podcasts, webinars, book launches, newsletters, online learning, videos, influencer events
  • Blog development, best practices checklist and editorial calendar ideation
  • Guest media appearances research: TV, Print, Live-Streaming Social, Blogs and Podcasts

Social Media & Content Marketing Strategy

  • Social media audits and strategy
  • Social media content pillar, themes and editorial calendar
  • Social graphics messaging and development
  • Software and tool recommendations to increase lift and exposure (social media, content marketing, etc.
  • New social media identification, channel acquisition and setup
  • Metrics scorecard to measure progress of your social, online and product and service footprint


Lisa is an expert at finding opportunities and making connections. She represents me as a public speaker and since the day we began working together, life has gotten easier. She is so helpful, I’m not sure I could this without her, or certainly not at this level. She’s become a key part of how I manage time, travel and opportunities.

I’ve had nothing but bulletproof communication in every one of the hundreds of interactions I’ve had with Lisa over the years. Nothing is ever missed. Every detail is covered. I trust her implicitly to represent me in any context. If you are going down the speaker/author path and haven’t quit your day job, I highly recommend talking to Lisa as soon as possible.

Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media Co-Founder